How to remove the "noise in the photo" in Photoshop

In this lesson we will figure out step by step, how to reduce the noise in Photoshop, using the plugin Noiseware Professional. 

This method of the struggle with the digital noise can not be compared to standard possibilities of the Photoshop.

The struggle with the digital noise is the most relevant to the images made with the help of the compact digital camera and with the high values of ISO or long exposures. With your permission I will not return to the definition and causes of the appearance of the digital noise, I wrote about it in the article "Digital noise in the photograph".

Cons of unprofessional event shooting

Photography - is a very common hobby. In everyday life we often take camera with us for a walk, šon a tourist trip or meeting with friends and shoot such events. We often get excellent pictures, which is not a shame to share. But there are some unique moments which leave no room for experiment and require the engagement of the professional photographer. For example, wedding or prom - such events which will never happen again and don’t give second chance to receive better photos, if they didn’t come out well from the first time.

What is "White Balance" for a photo?

Before moving on to the explanations, what is the white balance and which balance I choose, I would like to discuss red, green and blue colors and color temperature in short.

Every color photo contains some part of each of these colors. Yes, exactly. The color, as a human body, has a certain temperature.

But, unlike the human body, color temperature is measured by its colors. And there is something funny in it.

How to sharpen photos in Photoshop? Example and instruction

In this lesson I’ll show you how to increase the sharpness in the Photoshop in detail, where it is necessary with a needed intensity. It is also an effective tool for the quality improvement of  the final shots, that we will review now. 

For the better understanding of the process, right from the moment of pressing the shutter button, I propose to look at the sequence of processes taking place inside your camera.

Features of wedding photography. Camera. Equipment. Tips for the photographer

The whole wedding day is divided into several parts, for example, the preparations of the groom and bride, ransom, registration, etc. For the photographer, this is a field for unlimited imagination. On the one hand, posed shots can and should be used. On the other hand, it is necessary to capture the key moments of what is happening. In this case, the shots should be filled with meaning. 

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