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1. Your usual ETA?

The usual turn around time is about two days since that moment when the photos, all the instructions and the payment have been received. The ETA for the tasks under the restoration and photo manipulation levels of retouching is about 3-5 days. If there is any deadline, please mention it while submitting your order ATTN: Sunday is a rest day.

2. Can you guarantee the safety of the images?
Yes, we can! All the rights reserved. The photos won’t be shown up anywhere.

3. What formats of a photo do you work with?
We work with jpg, raw, png, jpeg, nef, cr2, dng, orf, raf, pef, arw, srf, sr2, nrw, ptx, rw2, rw1, srw formats

4. How is possible to submit the order?
1) First you need to sign up and then log in
2) The second step is to create the order
3) As the next step please upload the files . Select the images and click the Start button.
4) Then please Continue and for each uploaded image provide us with the comments or just give the general ones for the whole order and then choose the level of retouch which you need.
5) After that please continue thus you will be able to preview the order cost.
6) Your order is ready to be submitted and as soon as we see it in our database we will send you the invoice for the payment.
7) The usual turnaround time is about 48 hours since the moment the payment has been got

5. Additional image –what is it for?
The extra pic will give us an idea of the preferable style at the same time it could be an idea of the background if it is implied to be changed or for example of eyes/heads swapping, etc Extra pic gives us possibility to make you image more naturally

6. Will you demand for copyrights to done pics?
That's impossible as the client is just the only one who is the owner. We do just the outsource editing service for our clients!

7. How to make the payment?
You can make a payment in your personal account using Visa, Mastercards, American Express.

8. I’d like to close the account what is the process?
Just e-mail us asking for the account closure.

9. If there are any questions what’s the way to reach you ?
We will be glad to help you almost 24/7 Just write us on our Facebook page or reach us with the help of our manager using chat-online. It is always possible to message us using the contact form on our site.

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