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Photo Retouch Services


Color correction

Color correction is important for the improvement of the quality of photos, because even the most experienced photographers may not always get a perfect lighting, so the picture becomes dim and unattractive.
You can use the services of the company "" to address all the shortcomings.


Photo restoration

Plenty of family pictures get dusty on the shelves of the attics and closets, but, unfortunately, they lose their attractive appearance because of the inappropriate storage.
In order to recover your favorite photos, contact our company, which will help eliminate the discoloration, fold lines or restore missing parts of the image. After recovering the photo will look like new.


Changing background

During trips or photo shoots you can not always control what is happening behind your back.
So in the picture there are people, animals, moving objects that spoil the aesthetic appearance. If you want to achieve the expected results, it is possible to unset the background and to change it to a more appropriate one, which will enhance beauty and individuality of the model.


Newborn photo editing service

In the gallery of the parents’ phones there are a lot of photographs from the maternity home or made already at home, but, unfortunately, the pictures come out darkened and unattractive because of the low-quality camera. If you need to improve their quality and to decorate your photo album by them, you can ask our company for help, which will
address all the deficiencies, add color, improve skin color, change the background or delete undesirable people.


Wedding photography retouching services

Even professional photographers have unsuccessful photos, so what is there to talk about amateur shooting!
If you have plenty of photos from the celebration which are valuable as memory, but they can not adorn a wall or an album, you can use the services of "", with which the stylization and the background will be changed, and the color will be also adjusted.


Products retouching services

In order to advertise personal products, they should be photographed and posted on the site of the company then. But, unfortunately, it is impossible to avoid the appearance of glares on products or furniture. We propose the editing of pictures of estate, automobiles, food, jewelry, etc. The employees of the company will eliminate glares, defects, scratches, delete the background. After the editing photos become more beautiful, original and of a high quality.


Clipping path 

To make the products on the picture look more spectacular, it is important to place them in a particular background, draw the contour lines carefully, change their size or correct the shape and also show the subject of the advertising from all sides.
So, the specialists of the firm are ready to take the responsibility for making photos more attractive to increase sales.


Family photo editing 

Family photos are family heirlooms, but the most valuable shots are made not on the film set, but outside of it. That is why photographs have many shadows, glares, not always natural shapes of the body or subjects.
All these defects can be easily eliminated, if you order the family photo editing in the company "".


Body and head editing

We often face the problem, when we like the picture, but the head is drooped unnaturally or the hairstyle does not look good in the shot, or we can see imperfections of the body because of the bad choice of lingerie.
If you want to have a beautiful high-quality photo that will meet all the demands and desires, you should contact us, we will change the background, fix the roughness and defects, eliminate flares, add the brightness and clarity to the eyes. We will take care of making the photo attractive.


Photo montage and image manipulation

In order to make pictures appeal and interest clients and immerse them in the world of fantasy, not only the high-professional photo shoot is needed, but the editing of the photo and adding the highlight to it with the help of multiple programs.
Photo montage is an essential operation that helps combine a few shots, details, give meaning to the photo by addition of accessories and other attributes. Specialists of "" propose to perform the manipulations of any complexity with the photo to give it an attractive appearance.


Airbrushing services

Such services can be needed for studio images, because we must carefully remove all the defects of the skin for posting it on the web or on magazine covers.
With the help of the program we remove birthmarks, freckles, edit the color of skin, depending on stylization of the photo.
Hair and brows are also editing for creation of the perfect image of the model.




Our retouching levels:

Note: If the instruction you provide are different from the chosen level, we will adjust the retouch level as necessary.



Simple edit
  • Removal unwanted shine or glares
  • Removal photo defects, including skin defects (birthmarks, freckles, etc.), and other unwanted small defects
  • Teeth whitening, crisper eyes, brighter lips, etc.
  • Placing text on photo (Caligraphic inscriptions, watermarks, etc)
Mid level editing
  • All "Simple Edit" image enhancements
  • Removal unwanted objects (including braces)
  • Removal glare from glass
  • Correction of objects (head angle, etc.)
  • Photo correction (opening closed eyes, close opened mouth, e.t.c.)
  • Replacing a simple background
  • Creating photo frames, postcards, and other effects
Complete photo editing
  • All "Simple Edit" and "Mid Level Editing" image enhancements
  • Changing the color of elements
  • Adding / removing / changing items in the photo
  • Background replacement
  • Addition / removal of buildings, people, objects, cars, etc.
  • Removing lens flare
  • Combining multiple photos
Cut out background
  • Removal background from photo
  • Returning a transparent image or an image with an alpha channel
  • Simple background replacement if it's needed
  • The cost of processing too complex images is calculated separately.
Color correction
  • Color correction
  • Adjusting the brightness / contrast of the image
  • Image tone correction
  • Sepia effect, B/W, e.t.c
  • Also working with RAW files 
Complete photo restoration
  • Recovering scanned and re-take photos
  • Repairing all damage (gusts, cracks, creases, fading, blemishes)
  • Coloring the image
  • Color recovery
  • Restoration of all image damages
  • Also recovering lost part of the image by description is possible

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