You are a professional photographer and understand how difficult and laborious post production photo editing is? If yes, you spend many hours in front of your laptop making wedding post production or portrait photography post production. This time has to be spending on developing the business, finding new models and clients, improving photography post production techniques or organizing more photo shooting. Rush.Photo simplifies your post production photo editing and saves your time. Let our big team increase the number of your client base and speed up your turnaround time.


Our Retouching Levels


Note: We will adjust the retouch level as necessary if the instruction you provide are different then the level chosen.

Simple edit
  • Removal unwanted shine or glares
  • Removal photo defects, including skin defects (birthmarks, freckles, etc.), and other unwanted small defects
  • Teeth whitening, crisper eyes, brighter lips, etc.
  • Placing text on photo (Caligraphic inscriptions, watermarks, etc)
Mid level editing
  • All "Simple Edit" image enhancements
  • Removal unwanted objects (including braces)
  • Removal glare from glass
  • Correction of objects (head angle, etc.)
  • Photo correction (opening closed eyes, close opened mouth, e.t.c.)
  • Replacing a simple background
  • Creating photo frames, postcards, and other effects
Complete photo editing
  • All "Simple Edit" and "Mid Level Editing" image enhancements
  • Changing the color of elements
  • Adding / removing / changing items in the photo
  • Background replacement
  • Addition / removal of buildings, people, objects, cars, etc.
  • Removing lens flare
  • Combining multiple photos
Cut out background
  • Removal background from photo
  • Returning a transparent image or an image with an alpha channel
  • Simple background replacement if it's needed
  • The cost of processing too complex images is calculated separately.
Color correction
  • Color correction
  • Adjusting the brightness / contrast of the image
  • Image tone correction
  • Sepia effect, B/W, e.t.c
  • Also working with RAW files 
Complete photo restoration
  • Recovering scanned and re-take photos
  • Repairing all damage (gusts, cracks, creases, fading, blemishes)
  • Coloring the image
  • Color recovery
  • Restoration of all image damages
  • Also recovering lost part of the image by description is possible

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