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photo retouchinf packages

Service packages


There are several editing packages, according to financial capacities and requirements of consumers, so the client can independently choose the needed package.


Basic photo editing


This service package includes :
•editing glosses and glares in the photo.
•removing little defects from the picture : such as birthmarks, freckles.
•teeth whitening.
•improving the brightness of eyes and their clarity.
•making the color of lips more bright and deep.
•placement of the watermark or text on the picture.
Due to the basic editing, photo will be more qualitative, deep and attractive.


Average photo editing


The service package of the average level includes :
•improvement of the quality in the program Simple Edit.
•elimination of freckles, birthmarks, bumps on the skin, scars.
•removal of braces or other undesirable subjects.
•removal of glares from glasses and other glass surfaces.
•correction of the inclination of head and other objects.
•closing and opening of the eyes.
•editing of the mouth - it can be closed opened with the help of special programs.
•creation of additional effects, such as photo frames, postcards and other elements of the decor.


Complete photo editing


This service package includes:
•basic and average photo editing.
•addition or removal of elements of the decor, change of their color.
•replacement of the background.
•addition of buildings and people to the photo. 
•combination of images.


Due to the complete photo editing, photos have high quality, fully regulated contrast and color balance. Glares and bumps or unnecessary elements of the decor are deleted, so we can publish such images in magazines and in another literature.
"" - it is a team of specialists which proposes services both for professional photographers and average users, so that they could be pleased by the quality and the beauty of their photographs.


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